Covid19 and 2020 in general, has hit so many people very hard and left some of our participants feeling sad and unsure about the future. Our CEO wanted to do something to help our participants and staff feel good again, and give us all something to focus on.

He gave us the opportunity to build our very own vegetable garden!

When we layered the soil and pea straw, our participants helped shovel dirt and layered pea straw right along side of the staff.

When it came time to decide what to plant, our participants chose what they would like to eat from their garden!

The participants all got involved in planting the vegetables, watering them and putting sugarcane mulch around them. They are all so excited to see the vegetables grow every day!

On cooking days, the participants go to the garden and cut lettuce to have with their lunches. They are looking forward to the tomatoes and corn to grow, so they can pick them too.