Our Mission

To provide innovative day programs and holiday programs that focus on educational outcomes, recognising that each person is unique and deserves an equal opportunity to develop.

We are committed to creating an environment where all people, staff and participants are valued, and learning opportunities, personal challenges and career development are promoted.

Our Xlent Benefits

*(if the NDIS Plan has an amount allocated to Capacity Building — increase social and community participation).

The X-Crew

Our crew is affectionately known as the X-Crew, and we pride ourselves on being Dedicated, Professional, Supportive, Compassionate and Inspirational.

The X-Crew all hold a minimum of a Certificate Ⅲ in Disability, Provide First Aid, and Manual Handling. Additional training can include Managing Actual and Potential Aggression (MAPA), Assist with Medication (including Midazolam when required), and Child Safe Environments.

Our staff are trained in managing behaviours of concern, and we work closely with a range of specialists to implement support plans and provide the highest level of care possible for our participants.

Our Team

Work For Xlent

Are you dedicated, professional, compassionate, supportive and inspirational?

Congratulations – you are eligible to apply to become a member of the Xlent X-Crew.

We offer challenging but rewarding work and we are always keen to employ passionate, motivated people who will fit well into our culture. In addition, we are a committed training organisation offering placements to Cert III students.

Resumes can be submitted in March, June, September, November and December to [email protected]

  • Our experienced and dedicated staff, backed up by a strong management team, provide a positive attitude and a professional, accountable, well-organised team.

  • We pride ourselves on advocating for our participants, providing them with equal opportunities and encouraging them to build relationships and develop life skills.

  • We strive for close relationships between Xlent, participants, parents/guardians and accommodation staff.